Meditech 2k16, University College of Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad, Biomedical Engineering, Telangana, March 4-5 2016

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  • February 23, 2016 1:04 PM


Event Name: Meditech 2k16
Category: Biomedical Engineering
Organiser: University College of Engineering Osmania University
Location: HyderabadTelangana
Event Dates: 4th-5th March 2016


Event Details:

Meditech is a National level technical symposium organized by Department of Biomedical Engineering, University College of Engineering(A), Osmania University, scheduled on 4-5th March 2016. This symposium is designed to be a platform for exploring and analyzing the development of ideas and solutions while outlining the advances in medical technology. Meditech’16 aims at dissolving the boundaries between engineering and medicine, thereby emphasizing the exchange of knowledge and application of the recent upgradation of health care industry. It provides an inter disciplinary forum of themed discussions, paper and poster presentations, Idea presentations product demonstrations and informative lectures.

Event Caption:

Enhancing Human Health & Well Being..

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Events in Hyderabad:

Workshops, Robotics, Idea Presentations, Paper Presentations, Model Presentations, And Many more Spot Events.

Workshops in Hyderabad:

Hands on Training on Matlab for Engineers:
MATLAB® is the high-level language and interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. It lets you explore and visualize ideas and collaborate across disciplines including signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance.

You can use MATLAB in projects such as modeling energy consumption to build smart power grids, developing control algorithms for hypersonic vehicles, analyzing weather data to visualize the track and intensity of hurricanes, and running millions of simulations to pinpoint optimal dosing for antibiotics.

• MATLAB Evolution • Understanding matrices and manipulations • File types

• Arrays of Numbers • Creating and printing simple plots • Working on files and directories

• Function files • Language specified features • Debugging options

• Loops ( for, If else, While and switch) • Writing user defined functions • Signals • System derived Laplace transforms

• Frequency and its importance • A case study • Analyzing the mathematical model • ADC, sampling and quantization

• Convolution • Correlation concepts • Insight into control systems • Few practice program

• The registration fee for the two day workshop on “Hands on Training on Matlab for Engineers” on 4th and 5th march 2016 is ₹ 500 per participant.

Paper Presentation Topics:

• Biomedical Waste Management

• Implants (Artificial / Prosthesis)

• Tissue Engineering

• Bioinformatics

• Nuclear Imaging (Latest Innovation)

• Nano Technology in Medicine

• Robotic Surgery or Nano Robots

• Biochips

• Proteomics

• Virtual Surgery

• Biomems

• Pharmcokinetics

• Genetics

• Biotechnology

• Biomedical Instrumentation

*** And any other topics related to biomedical field ***

• Abstract : pdf, doc or docx

Rules & Regulations:
• The paper must be based on a topic in Biomedical Engineering.

• The idea presented should be indigenous and genuine.

• The papers(abstract) should be uploaded in .doc or .docx or .pdf format to our e-mail id.

• The papers must conform strictly to the IEEE format.

• The selected papers will be displayed a week before the actual event.

• The selected papers will be displayed a week before the actual event and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.


Last Dates for Registration:

27th Feb 2016


Event Co-ordinators:

Manonga (Co-Convenor)
+91-94 41 725049

Mounika (Co-Convenor)
+91-81 85 859895

Fest Mail ID:

[email protected]

How to reach University College of Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad:

Department of Biomedical Engineering, University College of Engineering(A), Osmania University